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Image by Kobby Mendez

Have you ever thought...

  • “I want to enjoy weekend getaways with my boyfriend/girlfriend without worrying that one bite of ‘bad’ food will make me spiral out of control.”

  • “I want to actually enjoy a meal while I eat it, instead of thinking about what I’ll eat at my next meal.”

  • “I want to become a better version of myself and find my identity and worth in who I am as a person, not by the size of my body.”

  • “I want to trust myself when I’m home alone with food, instead of always fearing that I will lose control.”

  • “I want to eat healthy and treat my body with respect, but every time I try I end up eating more ‘junk.’”

I work 1:1 with people who are ready to improve their relationship with food so they can focus on what really matters in life like their relationships and career. Not obsessing over food.

Private Online Coaching: About

This program is for people who:

  • Are ready to get in touch with their body and understand and honor their hunger and fullness cues 

  • Are ready to challenge their mindset through affirmations, mantras and mindfulness

  • Have a growth mindset and are willing to overcome perfectionism to improve their relationship with food 

  • Are ready to create positive lifelong, lasting habits around food 

  • Are ready to improve their body image through respect, gratitude and values work 

  • Are ready to listen to their bodies and adapt a balanced lifestyle without restriction

Private Online Coaching: Text
Private Online Coaching: Image
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