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Private Coaching

1-on-1 Online Help

Learn how to live free and eat without guilt in my private coaching. You will get access to private counselling sessions, weekly communication with me and guidance and support to help you live a balanced lifestyle. You'll learn how to change your life without restriction and still eat the foods you love.

In Person Services

Better Decisions

Meet up counselling and skill courses for those that live in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana. Change your habits with me as we raid your pantry, go grocery shopping, and work hands on with you and your family to create skills that will help you turn your life around. Balance begins at home and all it takes are a few simple changes.

Services: Services
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what we work on


Our minds are so powerful — I cannot emphasize that enough. What we think and believe affects our emotions (the way we feel about food and our bodies) which then affects our behavior (what we do around food and for our bodies). What we think and believe is a choice, and that is something that can be disciplined. By disciplining thoughts, the way you feel and act around food will subsequently change and help you find food freedom and live a balanced life. 


Restriction, binge eating, micromanaging our food intake, moving too much or too little and feeling constant anxiety over our food choices is not what our bodies were meant to do. Together we will find ways to respect your body through food choices, movement, mindfulness and positive self-talk. When you feel good on the inside, it helps you feel good about yourself on the outside, and in turn improves body image and confidence.


We work together to find your worth and channel your energy towards things in life that are important to your (family, relationships or career). By looking at the bigger picture of our lives, we are able to move away from the diet culture that causes us to obsess over food and our bodies. Instead we focus our energy on our life values and overall well being

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