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Ashley Mulkern, Registered Dietitian & Food Freedom Coach

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"Lets be real... Life is too dang short to deprive yourself from the joy and satisfaction that food can bring."

- Ashley

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Ashley Mulkern, MS, RD, LD

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Ashley The Dietitian

Hi y'all! My name is Ashley and I am a Registered Dietitian, author, and food freedom coach!! I have a passion for food and how it can be used to fuel your body for a wholesome, healthy, and balanced life and am an avid believer that anyone can live the life they want with a few simple changes. My goal is to shed some light on what a healthy relationship with food can look like and help others ditch the diet rules and rediscover the joy of eating. 

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my boyfriend Blake. My favorite things in life are a big bowl of tortellini pasta, lazy sundays, and comfy clothes. Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I'm so glad you're here.

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Ashley Mulkern, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian

Ashley Mulkern, MS, RD, is a Cincinnati, OH-based registered dietitian nutritionist and food and nutrition expert. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Dietetics and a Masters of Science in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Cincinnati. She completed her dietetic internship through the Coordinated Program at the University of Cincinnati with a speciality in Pediatric Food Culinary and Sports Nutrition. Ashley is active in her field as a member of her state dietetics association (Greater Cincinnati Dietetic Association) and national academy member (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics). In 2020, she started the food and wellness blog, Ashley the Dietitian. She currently works full time as a Sponsorship Director for Infinit Nutrition, LLC, managing elite endurance athletes, teams, coaches, and events.

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